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What's going on at the Altered Ego Art Studio???

Are you ready to Be A PART OF SOMETHING BIGGER THAN YOURSELF!!  Have you ever wondered what your purpose in life is? I did for so long, and over the years I have had this amazing dream, a vision, a dream to restore hope, heal the wounded soul, finally find freedom, not just for me but for the broken!! I believe this is the time, this is the place God has shown me and led me to! I found so much healing with art, leading the art therapy classes in the studio has brought so much healing to so many women, and I have a vision where all can come for FREE to find that rest! Join me on the crazy wild journey! Thank you and many blessings! Destiny


So you ask, "What is Altered Ego?"  Well let me tell you all about us ...

Altered Ego Hair Salon is an upscale and trendy salon located in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Altered Ego Hair Salon specializes in creative hair cuts and hair styling, vibrant and eye catching hair coloring, glamorous hair extensions, and skin and facial treatments.   Altered Ego Hair Salon also carries a full line of professional hair care products for you.

Altered Ego is more that just one of the finest hair salons in Eau Claire; it is also an Art Studio, Art Gallery, and a boutique.  So whether the canvas is your vibrant, luxurious hair, your radiant, smooth skin, or a canvas covered in hues and creativity; the ladies at Altered Ego Salon and Art Studio will demonstrate their creativity for you.


Browse the Art Gallery and Boutique after you hair salon visit, stop by just to shop for a gift in the Boutique, or check out one of the Art Classes or other events that take place in the Art Studio.  There are classes in Art Journaling, Jewelry Making, Painting, and other creative workshops.  Hot fresh coffee, delicious treats, and friendly conversation are all waiting for you!  Come and discover the beautiful truth of you, from the inside out!


The Art Studio and Boutique is full of unique gifts, jewelry, and artwork.  Stop in and take a look.  Don't forget to ask about the classes and events that we have to offer too!  Thanks for your support.


Hours of Operation

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2416 London Rd, Eau Claire, WI 54701

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